Hello Everyone! 
Last weekend, I flew down to Balikpapan to celebrate the opening of our new Enterprise Family Centre there. The day before the opening, they organized a wonderful dinner for me where we got to sit down and chat together. It seems like everyone is nervous or shy, but as the evening progressed, stories were told and experiences shared. I loved to hear how people talk about how they heard about the HDI business, what convinced them to join, or effectiveness of the products. Every single story was different- but every one of them was equally touching. 

I loved the story about the enterpriser who started out as a customer who only wanted to get a discount for the products, only to be chased around by her upline who insisted she do the business. I felt a great sense of happiness hearing about how the products were helping people suffering from diabetes and gangrene cure their wounds. At that moment we were together, as one family, and this is exactly what the HDI business is all about. I had made new friends and I was very happy. 

And when I was invited to share my thoughts on the business, I spent a good half an hour talking about my vision, my beliefs and how I got started in the business. While talking, it also made me reflect on my own past experiences. I certainly hope it wasn’t boring for those attending the dinner! 

After the dinner, some of the participants added me on Facebook and sent me messages.

 “Thank you Mr. Brandon for sharing your dreams and vision for the future. I am inspired and I will do the business seriously from now on”. 

“Thank you for the dinner. This is the first time I get a chance to eat together with you. I am nervous but you seem friendly.” ”

Thank you Sir, I am very motivated”. 

It started me thinking- I wanted to be able to share this with more people. One of the big differences why HDI is different from other network marketing companies is that we are FAMILY. And it also means that the owners, the management and the enterprisers are all close together. Only in HDI will you see people from all walks of life hugging one another, cheering for one another and putting differences aside to work together. And I feel that if I can promote this even more, it would be wonderful. Nowadays, we have social media and blogging, so why not make full use of it right? 

That is why I have started posting here again on my blog. 

I haven’t posted here in a long time. Perhaps slightly more than a year. I used to write articles that an agency would help me to post, but because those articles were directed at the business community, it was different. After a while, I felt that it was challenging to create new topics to get people interested. There was a lot of technical knowledge, but the “heart” or emotional connection I felt with my audience was getting less and less. That is why things stopped. I no longer felt passionate about the things I was writing about.

But the trip to Balikpapan made me realize what I really wanted to do when I write was to have a personal conversation with every one of you. This way, there is a real emotional connection. I wanted to be able to share my thoughts, my experiences, even my fears and concerns. I wanted to have my family close to me to understand me better, and for me to understand everyone here better as well. I want to use this blog to be the platform for sharing the living, learning and loving experiences we all have. I want to use this to keep you posted on all our latest initiatives and plans for HDI. 

I think its important for you to know how your company is doing, and what we are planning for you too. You can even share this link with others if they want to know what is the mindset behind HDI and what drives us. 

So please bookmark this page and come back regularly to check to see what I am doing or experiencing. Don’t be afraid to post comments as well. I hope that you will enjoy what I have to say and perhaps it will also help you to think a little differently in your own way.

Love you all!


Brandon Chia, 37 has been the Chairman and CEO of HDI since 2013. He was named CEO in 2011 and Chairman in January 2013. He succeeds Peter Chia, Founder and Chairman Emeritus as the 2nd generation business owner. Born in Singapore with a Degree in Law from the National University in Singapore, Brandon has championed consolidation, streamlining and efficiency of the various businesses within the group. He was also instrumental in driving double-digit growth of the organization’s revenue and profitability. In 2013, he led the organisation in rebranding itself from High-Desert to HDI across all the countries and business units. He created the vision, mission, values, purpose and legacy for the brand and also reorganised the portfolio of products, segregating them under different categories each with their own market position and target audience. He also worked to develop a turnkey franchise system that would allow the organisation to grow rapidly in emerging markets. Prior to being appointed Chairman and CEO, Brandon served as the International Operations Manager, jumpstarting the Philippines offices and focussing on growing the Outdoor Advertising, Finance and stock brokerage industries. He also started up two new businesses, Resource and Systech, successful spin offs from the Shared Services division of the Philippines. Brandon’s personal philosophy is about growth and evolution of mankind. His vision is to create healthy, open communities of people that share their knowledge readily and are able to live, learn and love beyond themselves.

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