Hi everyone, I just want to share this article from a friend, Michael Tate. You can find his blog here. http://radio-advertising.co/ He hasn’t updated it for a while, but there are many universal truths to what he has written.

Michael is an amazing character. I first met him a couple of months back when he was pitching for his company to help us market and sell better in our outdoor advertising venture. We ended up contracting his company to run a sales event for us. In the process, I found him to be a very caring and responsible individual that says things like they are and is a genuinely decent person. He shared this article with me about 2 weeks back and I have read it a couple of times, each time feeling inspired to carry on dreaming and never giving up.  So I’ve asked for his permission to repost it here in my blog. Hopefully some of you will derive inspiration from it. 

Thank you, Michael.  For helping me believe in my dreams all over again.


The Dreamers of Big Dreams

How do you continue to live with courage and optimism when your world is collapsing around you? How do you maintain a continued vision of success, or a philosophy of gratitude when everything around you is turning to crap, and continues to fall apart? How do you maintain a positive attitude when you’re constantly under attack?

Each time I write I hopefully create something helpful, purposeful and something hopefully not only valuable for your  sales day, but also useful in your life somehow.

I suspect like you I read my fair share of motivational books and articles – sometimes a word, an idea, or some simple phraseology penetrates my dull brain and helps make some kind of difference to me, and hopefully in the way I interact with those around me. But it’s when I’m struggling and drowning in the world that I need this stuff the most, yet I turn to it least.

It is extremely difficult to maintain courage ‘under fire’, particularly to maintain inner-strength, character, and the clarity of your ‘dream’ beneath a consistent and prolonged attack of what can feel like “you against the world”. So what’s the difference between those who persist and those that cave under all the outward pressure?

What happens to the dreamers of big dreams?

What happened to the dreams you had as a kid?

What happened to the goals and grand visions you had at the beginning of this year? Let alone the dreams you dreamed the day you finished college; the day you got married; or the day your first child was born? What happened to fulfilling what quietly lives in your heart?

Have you all but stopped seeking and believing? Have you let go of your courage?

Have you become so tired, so jaded, and so mediocre you’ve convinced yourself your dreams were simple minded ideas of a younger more innocent you? Have you stripped yourself bare of all your promise and power? Are you now simply quietly and cynically drifting through life convinced real success and deep joy is for others?

It’s absolutely true the gutter is filled with failed genius. Yet did these people truly fail because “that’s the way it’s meant to be”, or did they fall under the weight of their own self-imposed beliefs and barriers? Did they simply lack the strength of courage to fulfil their inner-dreams and desires?

If you are going to allow fear to win the war for your life you will lose everything, and your dreams will die with you.

(It’s probably worth repeating, even if it’s just for me).

If you are going to allow fear to win the war for your life you will lose everything, and your dreams will die with you.

Don’t depart without showing us the real you. Dream what you dream; live where you want to live; be who you want to be. Get rich, go broke, and do it all over again. Get married, don’t get married. Build a business, or be of service to others. Love your children; live your truth, and speak your truth. Enjoy your madness and embrace your genius, because a life lived less than genuinely is a mere facade, and then not you.

Helen Keller wrote:

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable. If you simply avoid living consciously and courageously, then that is equivalent to giving up on life itself, where your continued existence becomes little more than a waiting period before physical death – the nothing as opposed to the daring adventure.

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