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Welcome to my personal blog! This is my way of sharing my thoughts and experiences while I’m helming HDI. HDI is a truly wonderful Family of Companies. We started out in 1986 marketing bee products such as Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly and Honey. Soon after, we started expanding into different countries and different industries. From Network Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Finance, Stock Brokerage, Property Holdings, Management Services and Logistics/Trade, we are trying to make a difference in the lives of people around us every single day. No doubt the work is challenging, but I can’t help but feel a great sense of happiness and accomplishment in leading this Group. So please join me on this journey and I hope that you will find it meaningful and enriching :)




Brandon’s Bio

Chairman and CEO, HDI Family of Companies

Brandon Chia, 37 has been the Chairman and CEO of HDI since 2013. He was named CEO in 2011 and Chairman in January 2013. He succeeds Peter Chia, Founder and Chairman Emeritus as the 2nd generation business owner.

Born in Singapore with a Degree in Law from the National University in Singapore, Brandon has championed consolidation, streamlining and efficiency of the various businesses within the group. He was also instrumental in driving double-digit growth of the organization’s revenue and profitability.

In 2013, he led the organisation in re-branding itself from High-Desert to HDI across all the countries and business units. He created the vision, mission, values, purpose and legacy for the brand and also reorganized the portfolio of products, segregating them under different categories each with their own market position and target audience. He also worked to develop a turnkey franchise system that would allow the organisation to grow rapidly in emerging markets.

Prior to being appointed Chairman and CEO, Brandon served as the International Operations Manager, jump starting the Philippines offices and focusing on growing the Outdoor Advertising, Finance and stock brokerage industries. He also started up two new businesses, Resource and Systech, successful spin offs from the Shared Services division of the Philippines.

Brandon’s personal philosophy is about growth and evolution of mankind. His vision is to create healthy, open communities of people that share their knowledge readily and are able to live, learn and love beyond themselves.

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